Guardian3 Security Trailers & AiGuard Units Protect Construction Sites

Abraham Ramzan
Abraham Ramzan

Many Southern California contractors and managers are now choosing Guardian3TM Security Trailers and AiGuardTM units to protect their construction sites as a cost-effective alternative to physical security guards. These innovative security solutions from Guardian Integrated Security (GIS)significantly lower costs by reducing the risk of vandalism, machinery theft, trespassing, loitering, and fraudulent workers’ comp claims, all of which can drive up insurance premiums and liability claims. Highly adaptable to a wide range of terrains, they can be moved to accommodate different phases of construction and can be strategically placed to protect your site’s most vulnerable access points, expensive equipment, machinery, and materials.

Lower Costs with A.I. Enabled Mobile Surveillance Trailers While Increasing Security For Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley Construction Sites

By using advanced A.I. surveillance technology, long-range, high-definition CCTV cameras, and remote security guard monitoring, the Guardian3TM  and AiGuardTM are not only extremely accurate and reliable, but are also 60-70% less expensive than hiring a team of physical security guards. Weatherproof, highly durable, andpowered by solar energy, Guardian3TM  and AiGuardTM do not need any onsite power. They also each feature their own internal internet connection. Camera footage can be viewed by remote guards and authorized personnel in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Guardian3TM Security Trailers

Guardian3TM Security Trailers are arobust security solution for large construction sites. They come equipped with a mobile base that allows them to be installed on many different types of terrains. They can be elevated up to 25 feet to give them a clear line of sight over the entire property, with a visual range of about 300 feet.The Guardian3TM  is equivalent to 2-3 security guards. 

AiGuardTM Security Units

The AiGuardTM is a compact security solution that is ideal for small to mid-sized construction sites, but can also be included as part of a comprehensive security plan for larger sites. Extending up to 16 feet tall, it features the same advanced A.I. technology, weatherproof construction, and state-of-the-art CCTV cameras as its larger cousin, the Guardian3. The AiGuardTM is equivalent to 1-2 security guards. 

Professional Mobile Surveillance Set-Up and Installation Services

The Guardian3TM and AiGuardTM are available for lease from GIS, and require installation and calibration by their experienced security team. Ideal for use anywhere that would normally require a standing guard or patrol service, they can be strategically placed to maximize their efficiency, accuracy, and range. Remote surveillance packages can also include live streaming and recording capabilities, facial recognition, infrared night vision, license plate recognition software, and more. Contact GIS today for a free initial threat assessment. 

About Guardian Integrated Security (GIS)

Guardian Integrated Security is the best choice for security guard services in Southern California, serving Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, and surrounding areas. With decades of experience providing private security services to thousands of businesses, we are a pioneer in advanced security guard technology, remote guarding, and video security solutions. Our management team can be trusted to implement an effective security plan for commercial and industrial properties of any size.