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Abraham Ramzan
Abraham Ramzan

Guardian Integrated Security is not just a name – it is a plan to create a comprehensive, successful security program for each of our clients. While some security companies rely on just one or two options, GIS has a full solutions menu to create the most effective plan for you and your company. It is important to note that we are a security company utilizing cutting-edge technology, not a technology company that is trying to understand security. This is an important distinction, and sets Guardian Integrated Security above others.
We have noticed that most of our competitors use, and even tell potential clients, that a “one-option approach” will meet their security needs. To be frank, we learned all they can do is the “one-option approach”. While there may be times that it will work, we know from decades of security industry experience that, in most cases, multiple approaches bring a higher rate of success (meaning less vandalism, trespassing, and thefts on your property). Think of your security needs as an outline of a full circle. One approach will usually only fill part of that outline. By using several methods, we can successfully fill the entire outline of your security needs. Remember, if the plan you are using isn’t successful, then it is just money wasted.

We begin our process with a free customer meeting and a walk-through of the property needing protection. We listen to your concerns and ask questions to learn more. After, the team at GIS meets and puts together the most effective and affordable plan for you, which may include one or more of the following options:

  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) cameras (both portable and fixed)
  • Remote monitoring
  • Emergency response to situations at your site
  • On-Site Security Officer(s)
  • Our ‘Hybrid Security’ plan
  • Mobile vehicle patrol unit

We will then send over a proposal to you and follow up to make sure there are no questions left unanswered, and you are comfortable with the plan moving forward. In preparing these security solutions outlines, we look to provide the highest level of protection within your budget. For example, we have packages that will bundle multiple solutions for you at economical prices. We appreciate our long-term customers and are always ready to welcome more to GIS. We achieve this by providing exceptional service and creative, effective security solutions at the best price for you and your company.

With over 60 years of leadership, we have the experience and state-of-the-art technology to create a customized plan for your company. It is worth mentioning again – GIS is a security company utilizing cutting-edge technology, not a technology company that is trying to understand security.

Todd McCormick

Global Director of Operations


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ICYMI: We Launched A Brand-New Website

We have recently launched a brand-new website! It was designed with you in mind – We wanted to make sure you can quickly and easily find the information you need, and the solutions that make sense to you and your business.

Over the next few months, we will feature specific areas of our website to help you get familiar with them. For now, we invite you to go ahead and explore the new website . The section detailing security challenges and solutions that are unique for your type of business is a good way to learn more about our protection services, which you may want to check out. You may also want to familiarize yourself with some proprietary products we developed to address particular situations, including AIGUARDTM, GUARDIAN3TM, and our BOX UNIT.

Get A Free Threat Assessment

Get A Free Threat Assessment

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Construction Sites More Secure – Part 3

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Construction Sites More Secure – Part 3

A.I. plays an important role in maintaining security. Perhaps you have a doorbell camera (such as Ring) which allows you to record footage, as well as see, hear, and communicate with visitors. Similar to that – only on a much larger scale – we use Artificial Intelligence (in conjunction with other tools and methods) to protect properties, projects, equipment, and people for our clients. A.I. is a formidable opponent against those wanting to do harm, and also secures properties.

The first installment of this series focused on the value and performance Artificial Intelligence adds to physical security patrols. Part 2 of this topic discussed how A.I. improves security and safety at construction sites. In this final segment, we’ll look at the role it plays in keeping equipment, and intellectual and physical property, secure.

Machine Learning and Predictions

A.I.-based systems are getting smarter, more intuitive, and constant technological advancements are making it possible for them to actually learn. Very exciting and useful developments (especially in the area of video analytics) are coming fairly soon, and they are partially being supported and funded by increased research and development investments across the industry. Some of these new or improved capabilities will allow clues in context, enhanced pattern matching, and smart tags – all of which will make remote monitoring protection solutions better able to more accurately predict when a theft, vandalism, or trespassing is likely imminent. In turn, construction sites that employ security companies who use these more advanced A.I. systems will be more secure.

The Past Can Prevent the Future

Artificial Intelligence can pick up video of thefts and security concerns that can be used to create predictive models showing the potential for a future similar incident to occur. This information is also useful in figuring out aspects of a construction site or property that should be changed to make the area more protected. Having an experienced security company from the beginning of projects not only provides these capabilities, but also ensures a more secure environment and acts as a deterrent against thieves, trespassers, and vandals from day one.

Theft of Supplies and Proprietary Information

Security solutions enabled with A.I. can help you and the authorities identify the particulars of thefts from sites. The brazen thieving of construction supplies and equipment on larger projects has been estimated at 10-25% of the total amount brought to the property, and often, these items are resold by the bandits before there is even a chance to look for them (both the items and the individuals). Remote monitoring of these more advanced camera systems can mean the difference between being over budget and under budget by the time your project is completed.

It’s not difficult to sneak onto a construction site and look to others as if you belong there. In addition to criminals walking or driving off with tools, raw materials, and equipment, they can also intrude for the purpose of industrial espionage. Depending on the scope of the project and work being done, such activities could lead to very high dollar amounts in losses. It’s important to notice these types of threats before they can do damage, and an A.I.- equipped protection answer for your property can help.

Guardian Integrated Security utilizes currently available Artificial Intelligence in the individualized security solutions we put together for our clients, and we stay abreast of the latest technology and incorporate the newest when it becomes available. A.I. can help keep your construction site more secure in many ways. This installment featured just a few, and if you haven’t had a chance to yet, you can read up on the others in our March 2021 and April 2021 newsletters.

San Diego Apartment Complex Vandalized Again

San Diego Apartment Complex Vandalized Again

An under-construction San Diego apartment complex and adjacent parking structures, under construction for almost 6 years, was vandalized. The hoodlums, apparently with some anger issues to work out, decided this property was the place to do it, and really went to town. In an attempt to resolve their troubles and put an end to whatever they were frustrated about, they:

  • Tagged with spray paint ALL of the walls in the structures
  • Drove the golf cart on-site into a wall on the upper floor
  • Victimized a large, but innocent, forklift by pouring dirt into the oil tank
  • Thought the forklift didn’t “learn its lesson”, so also cut the lines, completely disabling it with the forks a few stories in the air
  • Tipped over stacks of materials, which made a mess and more than annoyed workers the next day

Apparently, there was some sort of “corporate security” – and we use that term very loosely, based on what we consider security – protecting the construction site, and the San Diego Police Department initiated an investigation. The employees seemed to know how insufficient efforts to guard the property were, as they made it known that this incident was not the first of its kind. An early estimate of the damages was $10,000. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any updates since the incident in 2019, nor any evidence of justice in this case of vandalism. To us, that means the culprits were not apprehended and restitution was not made.

We can’t help but think of what would’ve gone differently if Guardian Integrated Security was hired to protect the apartment complex and parking structures while they were being built. Had one of our A.I.-enabled systems been on the job, it would have seen the intruders, alerted the remote monitoring staff, a deafening warning message would’ve been relayed through the on-site speakers, a physical protection agent would’ve been dispatched to the location, the client and SDPD would have received a call immediately… and more than likely, the entire sad episode would’ve been stopped before it even got started.

“Guardian really helps keep us aware of what’s going on with our job sites.

The protection service has done very well for us, and they are responsive if we ask them to send us pictures.”

Tommy Lam, Manager
Figure 8 Group, Inc.

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