How A.I. Camera Security Is Revolutionizing Virtual Security Services

Abraham Ramzan
Abraham Ramzan

A.I. technology saw a record boom in 2021, with far-reaching advancements in the fields of medicine, space exploration, manufacturing, navigation, agriculture, and more. Now, leading AI security companies throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fernando, and Orange County also utilize AI camera security and intelligent software that integrates with IP network camera systems. These advanced AI security camera systems not only detect suspicious activity in real-time, allowing security teams to respond immediately to potential threats, but also reduce overall security costs and cut down on false alarms.

How A.I. Security Camera Systems Work

A.I. powered security cameras work by analyzing images for human traits and movement patterns. The artificial intelligence inside the software recognizes a human by identifying certain physical access points, cues and movement traits. CCTV cameras using A.I. Security technology can automatically distinguish between objects that might have previously required human review and can easily tell the difference between a raccoon invading a dumpster or an intruder trying to gain access to your property.How AI Security Camera Systems Work

State-of-the-Art A.I. Camera Security for Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fernando Valley, and Orange County

The proprietary A.I. Security Software developed by Guardian Integrated Security for Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fernando Valley, and Orange County businesses has been proven to be 99.99% accurate. Highly effective, they typically lead to lower security costs and far fewer false alarms. A.I. security camera systems can be installed anywhere that would normally require a physical security guard, thereby reducing the need for patrol services and standing guards. They are ideal for use in perimeter surveillance, gate access control, vehicle detection, and more.

A.I. Security Solutions for Construction Sites, Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities, and Parking Lots

With A.I. security camera systems, businesses throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fernando Valley, and Orange County can expect to:


  • Save up to 70% on costs on after hours security guard patrol services
  • Securely monitor properties with nearly 100% accuracy.
  • Drastically reduce human error by as much as 90%.
  • Cut down on the number of false alarms.
  • Monitor several sites simultaneously.
  • Remove the need to have a human monitor virtual camera footage.

While Guardian Integrated Security’s A.I. software can be easily integrated with most IP security cameras installed in the last 2-3 years, older systems will need to be upgraded with Smart camera technology. GIS also offers additional A.I. security camera solutions, such as their Aiguard units, Guardian3 security trailers, box units remote guards.

How to Get Started With A.I. Camera Security

Call Guardian Integrated Security to schedule a free consultation. Our consultations are always conducted by one of our most experienced security experts and include a thorough onsite threat assessment. As a reputable, locally based licensed A.I. security company for Southern California, you can depend on our security strategies and recommendations for the most effective placement of CCTV cameras and surveillance equipment. Most sites will need a combination of A.I.-powered security cameras, Robo Security Guard units, remote guards, and onsite patrol services.

About Guardian Integrated Security (GIS)

Guardian Integrated Security is the leading A.I. security company in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and Orange County. With decades of experience providing private security services to thousands of businesses throughout Southern California, we are a pioneer in advanced A.I. camera security, remote guarding, and video security solutions. Our management team can be trusted to implement an effective security plan for commercial and industrial properties of various sizes