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Security Guard Services in Los Angeles, CA

We provide security guard services in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego, CA. Our reliable protection covers parking lots, construction sites, retail stores, and more. We offer customized security plans and post order duties, and we’re fully licensed and insured in California. We also offer price matching or beating for any competitor’s price.

Fully Licensed, Well-Trained Private Security Guards

At Guardian Integrated Security, we offer the finest security guard services at the best prices in Los Angeles, California. We provide highly professional, well-trained, and experienced security guards to discourage theft, vandalism, graffiti, loitering, and other unwanted activity for businesses, events, and residential neighborhoods throughout California. All of our guards are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, and have been excessively screened using a thorough interview process, background checks, and drug testing.

Professional Security Guards — Licensed • Experienced • Knowledgeable • Effective.

Our security guards are fully licensed and insured to provide a wide range of security patrol services. This includes perimeter and surveillance patrols, observe and report, investigation of suspicious activity, power to arrest, lockup and alarm, parking enforcement, terrorism and WMD awareness, public relations, communication, and general duties. If needed, we can provide guards that are also permitted to carry batons or pepper spray, or certified in CPR and first aid.

High Quality Security Guard Services for Apartments, Businesses, Shopping Centers, Parking Lots & More

Our standing guards offer exceptional commercial security services to a diverse clientele, from homeowner associations to professional office buildings. Our guards not only receive initial and ongoing training in general security topics, such as power to arrest, observe and report, terrorism and WMD awareness, fire watch, communications, patrol, CPR/first aid, and more; but also complete instruction on post-specific services, such as visitor logs for guard shack placement, issuance of ticket warnings for parking lots, and inventory/truck logs for construction sites.

24 Hour Remote Guarding & Monitoring


By providing an on-site assessment, we will determine how to best monitor your site and keep your property secure.


Within days, our team will install all video cameras, audio speakers, and motion sensors and have them fully connected to our command center.


Your security camera footage will be monitored remotely by fully trained and experienced guards.


If we verify a security threat, we immediately alert local law enforcement and notify the offender that they are being observed and recorded.

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As part of every contract with Guardian Integrated Security, we customize our services to meet each client’s specific needs. We offer a variety of guard uniform options to fit your environment, from casual to professional. While on duty, every guard is required to verify their presence every 30 minutes using a time clock system as well as check in with our management team during regularly onsite visits. Additionally, every guard is connected to our management through cell phones, radios, and pagers. Guardian Integrated Security is licensed and insured. Call us today for a free consultation and quote.

Our Standing Guards Offer Security for:

Enhanced Protection For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional

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