Thank You for Another Incredible Year

Abraham Ramzan
Abraham Ramzan
Thank You for Another Incredible Year

We, at Guardian Integrated Security, feel very thankful to all of our customers for the faith and trust you have put in us to protect your employees, visitors, and property. We continue to look for ways to provide protection services that eclipse our competitors, and at a more affordable cost to you. We take pride in being the only security company in California that can provide both mobile unit and fixed cameras, real-time monitoring, mobile patrol security, and physical security.

In contrast to the hassle of you dealing with multiple vendors, we develop a comprehensive and customized plan for your needs, and adjust that plan in real-time as needed (where others cannot). We will always be vigilant for you during this and every holiday season, so you can relax with family and friends

From the Guardian Integrated Security family to you and yours – Happy Holidays!

Todd McCormick

Global Director of Operations

How to Maximize Security at Your Rental Property or Community – Part 2: Professional Security is a Must

There are many considerations potential renters have in mind when evaluating an apartment community for their new home. For some, the cost of rent and location are primary, while others choose features and conveniences as their most important deciding factors. One concern every renter has at the top of the wish list is safety.

How To Maximize Security At Your Rental Property Or Community – Part 2: Professional Security Is A Must

It is the obligation of rental property owners and managers to do everything in their power to ensure a secure environment for the tenants and their families who are living there. Whatever can be done to deter and prevent apartment and vehicle break-ins, theft, assaults, trespassers, and loiterers must be done, as renters have an expectation of the premises being safe.

Last month, in the first article of this series, How to Maximize Security at Your Rental Property or Community – Part 1: Where To Start , we shared what can be done on the grounds immediately to increase security. Once those tasks and areas have been taken care of, it’s time to focus on the capabilities and professionalism of the security system, monitoring service, and guards that keep watch over not only your property, but also those who have chosen to call it “home”

Security Necessities to Incorporate

Physical, on-property guards and watchmen are charged with overall community guardianship and being observant to catch odd activity or anything out of the ordinary. A uniformed security detail that covers the property 24/7 could be helpful, but even one watchman working part-time might provide some benefit by dissuading those with bad intentions and by making residents feel somewhat safer. Continue reading to learn how Guardian Integrated Security combines these on-site guards with augmented techniques – another essential for protecting your property.

Installing gates requiring a code to operate at all entry points and a check-in register for anyone who is not a resident are increased measures that add to your apartment community’s safety profile, but also foster a feeling of security in tenants. Very well-lit emergency phones and call boxes around the property allow for direct connection to immediate assistance, and they have been used on college campuses and public spaces like parks and walking trails for decades. Even highways and freeways have them installed, and for good reason. Not only do they allow someone in physical fear or danger to get help, but they are also used to summon medical assistance, saving countless lives and limbs of individuals who were in the midst of a heart attack, premature labor, and badly injured from falling on a walking or bike trail, just to name a few examples.

The use of a number of strategically placed cameras, along with 24/7 remote monitoring, is probably the best way to protect your residents and their authorized guests. Installing ones that are both seen and stealth work in every aspect of security – from deterrence to recording evidence (which is sometimes needed when questions of liability come up against you as an owner or manager). Also, cameras are able to view and assess multiple locations at once, whereas physical guards can only be in one place at one time – and clever thieves and “bad actors” can easily figure out the routine to time their criminal attempts when security won’t be nearby. Along with cameras, we also employ speakers that loudly warn trespassers, loiterers, and unauthorized others that law enforcement has been called and to leave the premises. More times than not, this is all it takes, and our cameras show the individual high-tailing it away from the scene. It would be imprudent for any security company to simply give a quote (including the number of cameras) without really learning about your community, which is why at Guardian, we offer you a free threat assessment, as well as meet with you and listen intently to what makes your property unique and your specific needs, and only then do we create a security plan (always being mindful of your budget, the specific amenities your apartment tenants deserve protection while using, and areas other so-called security companies often neglect or overlook completely).

A good relationship with local law enforcement also offers significant benefits to your apartment property. Knowing the latest data on criminal incidents in your area gives you the opportunity to ramp up and prepare everyone on your staff (security and otherwise) to be extra diligent in your security efforts, and combining this with a friendly police affiliation means a request for extra squad car patrols has a better chance of being met with agreement and without issue.

As part 1 of this series discussed, there are ways you can get the ball rolling yourself with projects that will help increase security. Our integrated security solutions are your best bet for continuing the responsibility of providing paramount protection of your housing rental property or apartment community.


CDC Eviction Moratorium Lawsuit

CDC Eviction Moratorium Lawsuit

The NAA, or National Apartment Association, has filed a lawsuit in federal court regarding the CDC’s moratorium on evictions. While there was definitely a need for renters who were unable to work during COVID-19 shutdowns to have housing security, the moratorium has put landlords and rental property owners in financial peril, and the rental industry, in general, in an uncertain position (at best). According to the NAA, “The CDC’s order was first issued last September and has been extended several times, which harms the rental housing industry,

jeopardizes the long-term viability of housing, and sets a dangerous precedent for future disaster response measures.” The federal funding of rental assistance took 9 months, and even with this measure, $26.6 billion in rental debt was still not covered

Per the association’s website, its efforts against the eviction moratorium include:

Magnitude of Premium Increases: Housing providers are experiencing higher premiums across multiple lines of insurance. For general NAA called out the dangers and short-sightedness of eviction moratoria and asked for its sunset to both the 116th and 117th Congresses, in meetings with both White House administrations and across all levels of media.

2. NAA is among the first to take legal action challenging the CDC’s authority last September and continues to support ongoing legal challenges.

3. With the meter on rent debt still running, political will waning and Congress moving past COVID-relief measures, NAA is putting up the greatest fight yet and asking the courts for two things – fair compensation for damages suffered under the unlawful CDC order and an assurance that the federal government can never do this again.

More information about the lawsuit can be found here.

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