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Security Guard Services Sacramento County, CA

Guardian Integrated Security is honored to provide its unparalleled professional security services to businesses of various sizes and industries across Sacramento County. Our all-encompassing range of services spans a multitude of sectors, including construction areas, corporate offices, healthcare centers, parking facilities, warehouses, retail establishments, storage spaces, educational institutions, and more. By employing the zenith of cutting-edge technology and innovative security mechanisms, we are unwavering in our dedication to offering 24/7 remote guarding and monitoring services. Our seasoned team of experts is relentless in assessing, implementing, supervising, and acting promptly in the face of unauthorized access or emergencies, ensuring immediate liaison with local law enforcement. If your business in Sacramento County, California, seeks remote guarding and monitoring services, please contact us for a customized quote, and we’ll swiftly arrange an on-site evaluation.
Sacramento , CA
Sacramento boasts beautiful beaches and a vibrant arts scene, defining its unique charm through natural beauty and cultural diversity.
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Sacramento County Facts & Figures

Sacramento County, located in the heart of California, is home to the state's capital, Sacramento. Known for its rich history, the county played a vital role during the Gold Rush era. Today, it serves as a governmental hub, housing various state agencies and legislative bodies. The economy is diverse, with sectors like healthcare, education, and technology playing significant roles. The American River Parkway offers recreational opportunities, while cultural attractions like the Crocker Art Museum enrich the community. Sacramento County's blend of historical significance, political prominence, and cultural vibrancy makes it a unique and essential part of California.

24/7 Comprehensive Remote Guarding and Advanced Video Analytics

Integrated Hybrid Security Solutions

In Sacramento County, Guardian Integrated Security’s integrated hybrid security services exemplify our commitment to a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to security. By harmoniously blending 24/7 remote monitoring, AI-driven analytics, video examination, and physical guarding, we provide a robust and adaptable protective shield. Customized to businesses of all scales, our integrated remote guarding services are meticulously designed to offer a balanced fusion of human insight and technological precision, ensuring comprehensive security coverage.

Security That Protects Your Business

Commercial Services

Improved Security for Retail & Commercial Businesses
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Industrial Services

Reliable Security Solutions for Industrial Spaces
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Vehicle Patrol Services

24/7 Vehicle Security Patrols for Superior Protection
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Construction Sites

Effective & Affordable Protection for Construction Sites
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Innovative Virtual Guard Systems with AI Enhancement

Virtual Guard Services

Our virtual security services in Sacramento County, California, utilize state-of-the-art AI technology that identifies activity in real-time, enabling our security personnel to respond without delay. With a profound background in the security industry, we strategically position advanced cameras and motion sensors to offer contemporary, reliable surveillance that’s both efficient and cost-effective. Our commitment to technological innovation ensures that your property is under vigilant surveillance at all times, with a team of experts constantly monitoring and ready to act at the first sign of any unusual activity.

The Guardian Integrated Way


We will determine how to best monitor and secure your site by providing an on-site assessment.


Install all video surveillance cameras, 2-way audio speakers and link them to our state-of-the-art artificially intelligent command and monitoring center.


Our fully trained and experienced security experts will monitor your camera footage using remote guarding solutions.


Verify the security threat using artificial intelligence. Engage the trespasser via live 2-way audio, dispatch vehicle patrol, plus alert local law enforcement for a response.

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Licensed, Skilled, and Vigilant Security Professionals

On-Site Security Guard Solutions

Guardian Integrated Security’s security staff in Sacramento County are fully credentialed, rigorously trained, and prepared to respond to any unauthorized entry. Continuous on-site security patrols enhance protection and deter potential threats. Our extensive services extend to surveillance, investigation, arrests, lockup and alarm management, terrorism awareness, and more. Our guards, equipped with non-lethal defense tools, are also trained in emergency medical procedures. We take immense pride in our team’s professionalism and readiness to act, ensuring that your property is perpetually secure.

Affordable and Effective Mobile Patrol Services in Sacramento County, CA

Vehicle Security Patrol Solutions

We provide steadfast mobile patrol services for various venues, including shopping centers, construction sites, and parking areas in Sacramento County. Our patrol vehicles are marked for easy recognition, boosting safety and security. With over two decades of experience, we can tailor security solutions at competitive rates. Our mobile patrol services are designed to provide a visible presence, acting as a deterrent to potential criminals. We understand the importance of visibility in security, and our mobile patrol services are designed to be a constant reminder of safety and protection.

Leading Stand-Alone CCTV Camera Solutions

CCTV System Installation

As a leading security provider in Sacramento County, CA, we strive to offer an extensive range of commercial security solutions, including CCTV installation. Our diverse selection of standalone cameras ensures the perfect match for your specific needs. Our team of experts will guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you have the right cameras for your specific needs. If you need CCTV installation in Sacramento County, CA, please call us. We specialize in providing the latest in CCTV technology, ensuring that your property is monitored with the highest quality equipment.

Let’s secure your property and business today.

Live CCTV Commercial or Business Monitoring

CCTV Real-Time Monitoring

Our CCTV monitoring systems in Sacramento County are intelligent and user-friendly, capable of detecting movement and offering night vision functionality. Our monitoring systems are designed to provide continuous surveillance, with features such as remote access, real-time alerts, and integration with other security systems. Our advanced monitoring solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, providing peace of mind and enhanced security.

Orange County Live CCTV Camera Service and Repairs

CCTV Maintenance & Repair Services in Sacramento County

For any technical challenges with your CCTV system, our professionals are on standby to assist. Whether it’s broken wires, weather-related damage, or general wear and tear, we’re here for you. Our service and repair team is available 24/7 to ensure that your system is always up and running. We understand that a functioning CCTV system is crucial to your security, and we are committed to providing prompt and efficient service.

Construction Jobsite Security Services

Construction Site Security Services Sacramento County, CA

In Sacramento County, CA, Guardian Integrated Security provides robust and reliable Construction Site Security Services. Our comprehensive solutions include 24/7 monitoring, on-site patrolling, and state-of-the-art surveillance. Our security experts utilize the latest technology to safeguard your construction site against potential threats. Partner with us in Sacramento County for customized security plans that align with your specific needs and industry standards.

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  • 94286
  • 95887
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  • 94207
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  • 94229
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  • 94240
  • 94239
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  • 94280
  • 94279
  • 94283
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  • 94285
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  • 94288
  • 94291
  • 94290
  • 94294
  • 94293
  • 94296
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  • 94298
  • 94297
  • 94299
  • 95840
  • 95852
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  • 95860
  • 95866
  • 95865
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  • 95894
  • 95671
  • 95680
  • 95741
  • 95759
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  • 95812
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  • 95611
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Frequently Asked Questions

As a commercial business owner, whether it’s in the industrial or construction niche, there’s no doubt you need security to guard your property and its assets. Since the pandemic, crime and vandalism have gone up 40%, so it’s crucial that you consider surveillance for your business, whether it’s in the form of hybrid security guards, security guard services, virtual guarding, or vehicle patrol. If you’re still in doubt or need more information, check our most-asked questions, and hopefully, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for. However, we encourage you to call us with any additional questions or concerns about security guarding for your industrial, commercial, or construction business.

It’s all about the sense of security you get against theft and crime at the end of the day. The presence of a security guard at a business can provide the business owner, employees, and customers with peace of mind and a sense of security. Employees who work in high-risk environments are more productive and easier to retain when they are not concerned about safety. It also shows customers that you care about their safety and will go to great lengths to ensure it. This is especially important for businesses selling high-end goods or located in high-crime areas.

Our security guards are covered by professional and general liability insurance and coverage for crime, assault, battery, client property, and other situations. Guardian Integrated Security is a company, and all our employed guards are licensed and insured, so you can have confidence that our company is knowledgeable and legally capable of handling trespassers or thieves.

Our company is covered by business liability insurance so that we can best serve you. Background checks, fingerprinting, education hours, and mandatory training sessions are all part of the licensing process for our security guards. All licensed security guards have earned their licenses and are certified to provide a full defense. The state requires guards who do not carry firearms to be trained in other weapons such as tasers, batons, or mace. Licenses are based on the type of education, training, and weaponry the guard carries.

There’s no fixed answer here because it largely depends on your business’ size and type. However, while we do offer the most affordable prices in the country, our pricing is determined by a variety of factors, such as:

  • How many security guards you require?
  • How long will you require the guards?
  • Do you need armed or unarmed security?
  • Do you require on-site or hybrid security?

Contact Us for Comprehensive Security Solutions for Your Business in Sacramento County, CA

Guardian Integrated Security offers an extensive range of services, including integrated security, on-site security guard services, CCTV installation, real-time monitoring and repair, virtual security services, and vehicle patrol in Sacramento County for businesses of all sizes. Our process begins with an on-site evaluation to identify the best surveillance equipment for your establishment. Our remote team oversees the installed cameras, and in case of a threat, we will promptly alert the police. Whatever your security needs are for remote guarding and monitoring in Sacramento County, CA, give us a call, and we’ll arrange an assessment.

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