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Customized security plan for your Cannabis Shop.

The medical and legal marijuana industry is growing extensively. Cannabis dispensaries happen to be highly profitable. The high level of revenue makes cannabis dispensaries an easy target for theft and inventory shrinkage.

A cannabis dispensary must have a security plan to protect the products in the dispensary, the store’s revenue, and the inventory kept within the premises. It is essential to have a scalable security plan that, if flexible, can quickly scale and grow with your dispensary. Dispensaries are often in the limelight, and their security methods are laboriously monitored compared to other businesses. Our cannabis business security systems use cutting-edge A.I. technology and centralized monitoring system to monitor your dispensary 24/7. 

At Guardian Integrated Security, we will assess your property and determine an optimal security plan that best secures your dispensary.

Protect Your Cannabis Store With Guardian Integrated Security

The professional cannabis security staff at Guardian Integrated Security can create, install, support, and supervise your cannabis dispensary day or night. We use conventional local video CCTA surveillance, IP systems, and advanced A.I. analytics. These technological elements include facial recognition, access controls, real-time live monitoring, and cloud-based video recordings. Call us today and request your Free security assessment for your dispensary.

Cannabis Dispensaries Video Surveillance Security Solutions

Video surveillance is a legal requirement for marijuana dispensaries in California. Cameras must record continuously 24 hours a day and at a minimum of 15 frames per second (FPS). In addition, regulations governing the cannabis industry in California require video footage to be kept for a specific period of time. 

Our State-of-the-art Cannabis security systems can protect your dispensary, customers, and staff. Our team of security experts can comply with all local cannabis licensing laws and best practices. 

Guardian’s security has the ability and skills to spot potential problems in and around your dispensary and take action before the situation escalates. In addition, our management level is comprised of former law enforcement and military personnel who can respond appropriately to challenging and stressful situations.

Schedule your free Cannabis security consultation today and secure your cannabis dispensary today!

Cannabis Dispensaries Video Surveillance Security Solutions
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We are a dedicated security guard company that combines cutting-edge A.I. technologies and physical guarding services to fully secure and protect your business.
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How Our Virtual Guard Services Work

While your cameras are constantly recording, motion sensors will be used to alert our remote guards of unauthorized access or suspicious activity at your construction during off hours. Once alerted, our remote guard will instantly review the live footage of your construction site to assess the situation. To discourage any would-be thieves or criminals, the guard will use two-way audio communication over a loudspeaker to notify the intruder that they are being recorded and observed. If immediate intervention is needed, we will connect to local police and supply the footage they need to substantiate that a crime is in progress and locate the suspect
How Our Virtual Guard

Virtual Guarding Vs On-Site Security Guards

While traditional on-site security guards are valuable when you have personnel on site, their services can be not only costly but also unreliable. That’s because security guards can be late, get distracted, or fall asleep. Additionally, they are only capable of monitoring one location at a time. By having our remote guards standing by to inspect your security camera footage the moment an alarm is triggered and promptly intervene, we essentially turn each of your security cameras into a virtual guard. This gives you enhanced protection and coverage with faster response times for a fraction of the cost of traditional security guard services.

State of The Art Mobile Security Units


By providing an on-site assessment, we will determine how to best monitor and secure your site.


Install all video cameras, audio speakers, motion sensors & connect them to our command center.


Security camera footage will be monitored remotely by fully trained and experienced guards.


We will verify a security threat, and alert local law enforcement and notify the offender.

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