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Comprehensive Security Solutions For Office Buildings

Office buildings must strive to keep their property safe while minimizing exposure to security threats. Many commercial office buildings rely on post-crime evidence that doesn’t deter ongoing crimes. However, such options are useless if the perpetrators aren’t caught on film or found. 

Our advanced A.I. solutions include facial recognition, loitering, vehicle detection, people counting and weapon detection analysis, and integrated disaster recovery systems to help you increase workplace safety. 

For example, our high-end video monitoring systems use advanced A.I. analytics with smart video detection that is discrete, simple to use, and easily integrated with existing infrastructures to enable real-time and multi-location remote guarding and CCTV monitoring to record real-time events using a combination of video analytics and human intelligence. 


The Guardian Integrated Way


We will determine how to best monitor and secure your site by providing an on-site assessment.


Install all video surveillance cameras, 2-way audio speakers and link them to our state-of-the-art artificially intelligent command and monitoring center.


Our fully trained and experienced security experts will monitor your camera footage using remote guarding solutions.


Verify the security threat using artificial intelligence. Engage the trespasser via live 2-way audio, dispatch vehicle patrol, plus alert local law enforcement for a response.

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Guardian Integrated Security’s hybrid guards and advanced A.I. smart monitoring offer you the highest level of security while reducing liability. 

Some business types have their liquefiable assets located on-site, making them more susceptible to theft. We can help you feel more secure knowing your site and assets are protected thanks to an integrated suite of security & cloud solutions and UL Certified services that Guardian provides.

Our Surveillance Station’s centralized management system (CMS) allows you to easily access your data and recordings via a single web portal.

Our primary goal is to provide state-of-the-art security solutions for our client’s expectations. We can design and install an integrated solution for your facility to offer the most advanced A.I. solutions available today. 

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