Not “Your Father’s” Security Company

Abraham Ramzan
Abraham Ramzan
Not "Your Father's" Security Company

We are not “your father’s” security company of just physically-present guards aimlessly walking the premises, relying on their sense of hearing to detect something amiss all the while hoping there isn’t a confrontation with anyone in their near future. We don’t argue that there may still be places where a physical guard presence is needed, but we at Guardian Integrated Security have found ways to improve secure conditions for of our customers.

We attain our unmatched level of security through using A.I.-sourced equipment – either solely or to supplement what the existing physical security presence may be doing for you. The future of security does not include bodyguards and lasers detecting movement through a space. Instead, it will be a simple yet sophisticated system with high intelligence built in.

Technology is rapidly evolving, and with it, both artificial intelligence (A.I.) protocols and our solutions that take advantage of the security benefits these advancements bring.

Todd McCormick

Global Director of Operations

Limits of Security Guards and How We Close the Gap

While the traditional, existing-and-patrolling security officer can still be found at different venues, we feel that A.I. security systems can close the gap on what our client’s true concerns are.

At Guardian Integrated Security, we do not have the hassles, headaches, and issues of security officers not showing up for shifts, long hours and fatigue, sickness, lack of understanding of the position, training failures, and turn-over of employees. And that means you won’t either.

A security officer can, will, and does only see what is in front of them or in their peripheral view with the right light, and only as far in the distance as their eyesight allows. On the other hand, the A.I. systems we utilize can see in multiple directions at once and employ both infrared (IR) sources to see farther at night and motion sensors to pick up items that human eyes (with their limitations) can miss.

Limits Of Security Guards And How We Close The Gap

We, Guardian Integrated Security, also understand the fiscal challenges our clients must consider. Utilizing our technologically advanced A.I.-sourced systems can reduce our clients’ security costs by 70%. Technology is not the expensive option – in fact, and despite what you may have heard, technology is the more affordable option in most cases.

Typical video surveillance systems can only analyze a crime after it’s been committed. This does nothing for prevention, and in this instance, nothing for deterrence either. While there may be enough cameras scattered around an area needing them, there still might not be enough people to watch the hours and hours of video feeds and scan content for the perpetrators.

Deep-learning A.I. can help overcome this limitation. In real-time, the software can prevent criminal acts and also allows for a quick reaction when attempts occur. We have several incidents where this has been the case. With Guardian Integrated Security, you can have the option of professional monitors, trained in security, being alerted which is triggered by the A.I. software alert, verbally challenging the event over a booming loudspeaker literally as it happens, recording the entire situation, and on the phone with law enforcement all at once. A roaming, physical security guard couldn’t do any of that

In closing, we at Guardian Integrated Security are here to bring a plethora of options to our clients. Whether it be the physical security guard, a roving patrol, an A.I.-based system, or a combination of all of these. We just know the power our A.I. solutions provide, so we emphasize them when appropriate.

With the average project managers in our company having 25 years of very diverse security backgrounds, we feel we can and have successfully tailored specific plans for each of our valued clients. Let us now do the same for you


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Real Client Story

Real Client Story

Power Outage at Construction Site Leads to a Startled but Impressed Client

A small construction site that we were guarding has experienced a power outage very late at night, and we immediately informed the client about this, and that the box-unit was offline due to the lack of electricity. As it was 11pm when this transpired, the Client – quite understandably – was apprehensive to step on the property himself to assess the situation, not only due to the late hour, but also not having a way to know who (if anyone) could be there. We quickly dispatched two Professionally Trained Supervisors from our team to meet the Client at the site.

The trio fixed the power issue, and the box-unit came back online immediately. Back in the office, right after the power came back on at the site we were guarding, our Monitoring Team noticed three individuals and activated the speaker in an attempt to scare them off, thinking they were the intruders. In this case, the “intruders” were our Client and two of the monitoring staff’s supervisors.

Our Client was in complete shock at how loud the speaker was, as well as very impressed with our quick response time getting the unit back online.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Construction Sites More Secure – Part 1

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Construction Sites More Secure – Part 1

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a powerful tool when used for security purposes and the technology is incredibly versatile too. It can be used near your home’s doorbell (like Ring systems) to catch porch pirates rudely trying to thieve Amazon deliveries or to protect multi-million dollar projects, equipment, and properties. In this 3-part series, we’ll be focusing on how A.I. improves security at construction sites.

For this installment, we’re looking at why Artificial Intelligence makes an ideal adjunct to physical security guard patrols

24/7, 365, Eyes Always on the Prize

Protection programs featuring personnel that roam properties will always have a place, and there’s no denying that over time, they have proven to be successful at deterring nefarious activity. Integrating CCTV and other technological advancements allows there to be more “eyes on” more hours of the day every day. Leaders in the construction industry count this – by far – as A.I.-powered remote monitoring’s most beneficial feature. There is immense value in having access to real-time information from a system that is always on duty and can integrate with many different types of cameras capable of capturing images at night and even heat signatures of potential threats.

2020 brought to light a huge vulnerability with relying on just security guards – staffing levels can be subject to unforeseen forces and situations where public health dictates procedures and precautionary measures. If someone tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 in the administrative office, it was recommended that the entire team be tested and anyone in close contact to quarantine until the results came back. In the first few months of the pandemic spreading across the United States, it was an even more dire situation. Due to the long incubation time of the virus, many didn’t even realize they were sick until they had already exposed numerous people, and that affected the ability to work of entire offices and their workforces.

Obtain Evidence for Both Solving and Preventing Crimes

According to the National Equipment Register, losses from reported thefts on construction sites in America is up to $1 billion per year. In last month’s newsletter, we shared an article about this staggering fact, and why it’s so easy for intruders and thieves to steal anything – from a handheld drill to a bulldozer. In some states, video evidence or a witness statement is required to file a police report about this kind of theft. From our experience, we can tell you that the chances are not very good that someone sees the crime happen (both with perfect timing and lighting), the individual knows or looks for whom to tell they did see it and is willing to get involved. Employing A.I.-driven security systems not only gives more eyes to look around your property at any hour, but also more eyes to see when something inappropriate or problematic has happened, allowing you to share the who, what, where, when, how, and other particulars with the appropriate authorities.

Utilizing our advanced A.I. technology, companies can glean data about not only thefts, but accidents, productivity, staffing issues, and safety concerns as well. Guardian Integrated Security is obviously most interested in securing our clients’ properties, but we are always happy to share what our protection solutions find and record when it comes to keeping the workplace safe and workers out of harm’s way while on the job, as well as opportunities to reduce costs or keep them as low as possible.

Next month’s installment of “How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Construction Sites More Secure” will take a more in-depth look at construction site safety.