Industrial CCTV Services

Effective & Future-Proof Industrial CCTV Service & Repair

Installing CCTV cameras around your industrial building is akin to arming it. CCTV cameras are essential for proper building security because they allow you to monitor your facility to ensure that situations such as theft, vandalism, and break-ins do not occur behind your back.

Unbeatable Experience in Service and Repairing CCTV Cameras for Industrial Spaces

At Guardian Integrated Security, we install high-end video monitoring systems that use advanced A.I. analytics with Smart video detection that is discrete, simple to use, and seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructures. This process enables real-time and multi-location remote guarding and CCTV monitoring to help provide maximum safety and deter vandalism and crime. In addition, our advanced professional A.I. analytics and CCTV monitoring services can help spot intrusions and contribute to the security and safety of your organization. 

Our team of trained experts will monitor your properties and project sites 24/7 to deliver the high-quality surveillance you expect from the onsite staff at a fraction of the operational costs.

Guardian’s remote A.I. and CCTV monitoring services include the following:

Our systems use cutting-edge technology. We offer the most advanced A.I. solutions, including facial recognition, loitering, vehicle detection, people counting, and fire and weapon detection.

Guardian Integrated Security surveillance systems can be linked to other software systems to enable personal identification, call tree applications, crisis management, and other functions. For example, you can integrate the software with onsite access control, perimeter alarm systems, and body-worn video cameras for onsite inspections and lone workers.

Also, for optimal surveillance, network bandwidth utilization, and cost-efficiency, we employ both centralized and decentralized I.P. camera technology. How can our CCTV monitoring services for industrial sites assist you? Contact us now to consult what CCTV solution best meets your needs.

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