Hybrid Security Guards

Top-Notch Hybrid Security for Businesses

Personalized surveillance systems and 24/7 live monitoring

Guardian Integrated Security is proud to provide an affordable approach to business security. Our hybrid security system combines physical and virtual guarding to keep your business as safe and secure as possible. Our hybrid security solution reduces the number of hours you need a physical guard present by increasing the amount of virtual security technology with remote monitoring to help cut security costs.

Our hybrid security system offers you both advanced surveillance technology and virtual operators, which further supplements physical on-site guards’ to maximize security capability and area coverage. For example, we use our cameras to document incidents and capture forensic evidence in HD 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to correspond with written guard incident reports.

By combining virtual and physical guards to monitor multiple areas, this integrated process helps prevent security issues and offers a proactive, rapid response to security concerns. In addition, our hybrid security solutions work off a combination of technology, such as event-based alarms, a two-way audio system, and instant visual verification, to offer your business a high-tech security solution at an affordable rate. 


The Guardian Integrated Way


We will determine how to best monitor and secure your site by providing an on-site assessment.


Install all video surveillance cameras, 2-way audio speakers and link them to our state-of-the-art artificially intelligent command and monitoring center.


Our fully trained and experienced security experts will monitor your camera footage using remote guarding solutions.


Verify the security threat using artificial intelligence. Engage the trespasser via live 2-way audio, dispatch vehicle patrol, plus alert local law enforcement for a response.

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Advantages of Choosing a Hybrid Security Service

Enhanced Protection For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional

Do you want to improve your existing security system while reducing your costs by up to 50%? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our hybrid guarding solution is the most advanced form of security available today! 

We like to think of ourselves as the long-time missing puzzle piece in the world of security, and we prove that every day through our innovative and modern services that keep your business safe.

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