Not all Security Solutions are created equal

February 2021

Guardian3TM is ideal for large properties and construction sites, featuring highly-trained remote guards and advanced A.I. technology that together keep a vigilant eye on your land, equipment, and material goods during the most vulnerable hours. Guardian3TM comes equipped with a mobile base, making installation smooth and swift for all property types. This system eliminates the need for on-site power or Internet, is weatherproof, and highly durable. Guardian3TM can be elevated up to 25 feet, allowing its longrange, high-definition cameras a clear line of sight over your entire space.


RoboGuardTM is a state-of-the-art, A.I.-powered security solution equipped with advanced technology to ensure protection. This is a compact solution that can fit in any size property, big or small. The artificial intelligence capabilities of RoboGuardTM allow it to accurately assess emergency situations in real time. The smart A.I. can distinguish between a person or people trespassing and a raccoon going dumpster diving in search of food. RoboGuardTM is all weatherproof and can sustain itself in even the harshest weather conditions

We provide robust solutions that we tailor to fit the exact security needs of each property or business we work with. There is no one-size-fits-all, standardized answer when it comes to protection, so let the experts at Guardian Integrated Security provide a free custom security plan for your property today

Todd McCormick
Director of Operations

Real Client Story
RoboGuard™ Protects Residential Construction Site from Ongoing Loitering

A small residential construction site, still a work in progress, was dealing with a lot of displaced and homeless sneaking in and loitering on the property. One night specifically, there was an intruder that snuck into the area while RoboGuard™ was “on duty”. Once the individual crossed the line of intrusion of our Virtual Guard, it took less than one second for the system to notify our monitoring staff. The agent immediately transmitted an announcement over the speaker installed with RoboGuard™ notifying the intruder to leave and that local authorities had been contacted.

Unbeknownst to us, while our staff was deterring the intruder, the Client was able to see and hear everything through their Ring app (a Ring device was installed on the property prior to the RoboGuard™ security solution). The intruder was instantly scared off by the sounds through the speaker and left the property expeditiously. The Client called us right away and let us know they were “super happy” with how we handled the situation. At the same time, the Monitoring Team sent word that there was an intruder on-site and dispatched a guard to patrol the property until police showed up.

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Construction Theft Accounts for How Much in Losses?!

There’s not a lot of crime committed on construction projects, you say? And that your equipment has GPS, so no worries, you’ll get it back? Insurance will cover the loss, no hassle? These are all misconceptions! First, the National Equipment Register, or NER, estimates equipment that is stolen from construction sites in the United States yearly to be up to $1 billion in losses. That’s only the reported items that were stolen, and doesn’t take into account the value of stolen hand tools, supplies, and materials.

It also doesn’t include the time lost chasing down the insurance company, filing a police report, tracking down a machine only to find the GPS was stripped from it and left on a random road somewhere, and replacing what was thieved. And don’t forget the company’s concerns about why you didn’t keep the site secure and how that will affect your future and career.

Trespassers can easily blend in, strolling through your property, “going shopping” for whatever they can boost while your workers are on a lunch break. Intruders with a bigger catch in mind might wait until late at night to break locks, gain illegal entry, then drive off with your equipment and quickly sell it online. Though it seems like someone would notice a machine weighing a few dozen tons and half a football field long not being where it is supposed to be, they are surprisingly easy to steal… and make ill-gotten gains off of, considering California construction is a very busy, year-round industry

Paul Werner Tobeler, known to some by one of the three aliases he created, seems to have made a second career out of such thefts between 1991 and 1993, having stolen over 80 pieces of construction equipment during that time. He was also the owner of Los Angeles County equipment rental companies. He was found guilty on 42 counts in May 1998, including interstate transportation of stolen vehicles, conspiracy, and related crimes. If only Mr. Tobeler had met up with a Guardian Integrated Security solution at the scenes of his crimes – then they would’ve been attempted thefts!