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At Guardian Integrated Security, our Live Monitoring group is what sets us apart from our competition. While others in the field uses a “passive monitoring” approach, we take a “active monitoring” approach.

The passive approach uses a recording that plays when someone comes into the secured area that should not be there. This rarely deters anyone and only takes seconds for the perpetrator to know it’s a recording. The other passive set-up sets off an alarm to a call center which then just makes phone calls. Other companies – those that do not have Live Monitoring – will try to sell people on the thought that they can watch their own alarms when they go off. Unfortunately, alarm activations usually occur in the middle of the night or when you are busy, like while cheering on your son at his baseball game or enjoying your anniversary dinner. This leads to situations that are missed and/or keep you up in the middle of the night trying to find the cause of an alarm. Such a scenario also becomes problematic when you try to call the police and then realize you can’t watch the camera at the same time to let the dispatcher taking your call know details that would help.

Our Active Monitoring Approach consists of our highly trained staff of security monitors that will alert any perpetrators in such a way that they know they are being viewed in real-time. Our monitoring team will then make calls to our client, a roving patrol, police, or a combination as needed, while still viewing the live feed and directing those responding the entire time, so law enforcement and security teams are aware of what is going on and where.

For pennies on the dollar, we are viewing your sites as needed and making the important calls when needed. We are giving you peace of mind for a small piece of your operating budget.

To receive a free, on-site security threat assessment with one of our Specialists today
To receive a free, on-site security threat assessment with one of our Specialists today, call us at (800) 400-3167, or go here.

Todd McCormick

Global Director of Operations

Real Client Story

“We have had break-ins in the past, and if trespassers want to get in, then they want to get in – temporary fencing (like we had) in their way or not. Because of Guardian’s responsiveness though, none of the expensive materials or copper were missing. We will work with Guardian Integrated Security in the future.”

Jason Chun
Andmore Partners


Smart Video Camera Systems Improve Security, Operations, and Safety

Security cameras have become much more sophisticated in the past decade. Even so, you’ll find single-purpose ones still in use in many different applications today, because they are still able to see criminals in the act and help those wronged to obtain prosecution (and hopefully, full restitution and even damages). Businesses that want to improve their security and response to threats, though, have adopted protection solutions utilizing smart video cameras and the latest in software.

The higher resolution these newer cameras provide is the main reason most choose them, but we, at Guardian Integrated Security, know there are many more benefits than just a clearer picture. The files recorded by newer camera systems are more compressed while maintaining the improved resolution, which means less storage space is needed.

Another way to look at this benefit is being able to store more historical video, which would come in very handy if thieves were casing a location for weeks or months before making their move.

Smart Video Camera Systems Improve Security, Operations, and Safety

Smart cameras can also go above and beyond motion detection. With these newer security solutions, gone are the days of numerous alerts about motion, just to find out a curious dog or raccoon was roaming around the property for hours, in and out of the camera’s field of view. Intelligent alarming and bringing the monitoring staff’s attention to actions that are not permitted are two other benefits of smart camera technology. Some common examples of behaviors we are interested in (on behalf of our clients) include parking in undesignated or unsafe areas, dangerous or careless employee activity, “hanging around” or loitering, breaches onto the property or equipment being removed without authorization.

Information gleaned and analyzed from smart video camera security systems can also help our clients operate more efficiently, safely, and ultimately, more successfully. For instance, heat maps can show inefficiencies, employee frustrations or wasted time, and opportunities to reorganize tools, equipment, and inventory for more streamlined operations. Retail centers use the newer technology for security, staffing, management, and to better understand their customers by looking at shopping patterns, suspicious behavior, busy and slower times of the day and week, “hot spots” in the store where shoppers go to first / last and most often, and more.

We have outlined here just some of the security and operational advantages of having an integrated surveillance and recording solution using smart cameras. We offer a free threat assessment and can provide more information on how we pair systems having these features with our professional monitoring staff to help make your property safer.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Construction Sites More Secure – Part 2

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Construction Sites More Secure – Part 2

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is incredibly versatile and a powerful tool when used for security purposes. Ring systems use it to protect homes and deter package thieves, while properties where residential developments are being built have them to protect equipment, employees, and the property itself. In part 1 of this series (in last month’s newsletter) , we looked at how A.I. is a successful and valuable adjunct to physical security guards. In part 2 this month, we’ll be focusing on how Artificial Intelligence improves security and safety at construction sites.

For this installment, we’re looking at why Artificial Intelligence makes an ideal adjunct to physical security guard patrols

Worker Safety and Limiting Corporate Liability

PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, shot to publicity when COVID-19 hit, but the truth is that PPE is more than what medical professionals use to keep safe while doing their jobs. In the construction industry, PPE includes items like goggles, protective gloves, hearing and respiratory safeguards, full-face gear, and equipment that protects against fall precautions. Smart security solutions can recognize and learn about workers’ protective gear needs and COVID-19 PPE requirements, alert monitoring staff for non-compliance, and therefore, make workplaces safer and (in certain situations) lessen company liability.

Flexibility in Processes

The initial goals of increased worker safety and site security can be expanded into process improvement too. Data gleaned from modern protection systems utilizing video can be reviewed and analyzed, and show opportunities for positive changes. In fact, the more practice construction site managers have with seeing and evaluating this real-time information, the better they get at adapting and improving on-site processes.

Real-Time Monitoring Replaces Paper-Based and Manual Methods

Although paper-based, manual review still works, the checklists can be replaced with the trending and image analysis that modern security systems are capable of. Doing so saves quite a bit of time too, as the software can provide in seconds what it would take much longer to do manually by a person. Some in the industry have reported that machine learning methods, in conjunction with historical construction site data, both accessible using a well-designed dashboard, can improve labor-intensive systems and workflows by at least a factor of 5.

Compliance with OSHA and Other Requirements

If asked, it’s a good bet that no one would volunteer to go through an OSHA or government compliance audit, mostly due to the amount of preparation that is required. Done by hand, it can take months to gather the information, generate required reports, and be ready to demonstrate the firm’s conformity. The video from security systems helps with these types of audits too. As discussed above, it can show PPE usage (and help correct adherence to these policies) and requirements, and also provides demonstrable evidence to any government auditors and officials. Having the real-time surveillance, or an “audit record” in this instance, also allows on-demand reporting, and all of the system capabilities mentioned save countless hours that would’ve been spent preparing for OSHA or other compliance audits.

Our Guardian Integrated Security advanced A.I. technology can be used by companies to collect and analyze data about not only thefts, but accidents, productivity, staffing issues, and safety concerns as well. We are most concerned with securing our clients’ properties, but we share what our protection solutions find and record when relevant to workplace safety and keeping your workforce out of dangerous situations while they are on the job, as well as cost-reducing and controlling observations.

In next month’s final installment of “How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Construction Sites More Secure” will take a more in-depth look at how A.I. contributes to the security of equipment, intellectual property, and physical property.

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